Appearance Edit

Ryon takes after his father's facial appearance, with his mother's blue eyes and brown hair. Ryon is young and handsome, standing tall over his peers. He keeps his hair short and his beard trimmed. Ryon's body is physically fit from the time spent training with his sword, and the brief period he served in the Nether Wars.

Description Edit

Ryon is filling the boots of a much loved and highly respected Lord. His knowledge of running a holdfast comes from early tutelage from his father and the counsel of his Small Council. Foreign Policy and Negotiation aren't listed in Ryon's strong suits, yet he has been remarked for his knowledge of battle and tactics. Ryon serves as the Lord of Mistfall and the stress lays into him. Thus far, he has proved to be an effective Lord.

Biography Edit

Lord Ryon was born in 4,136 in Ironguard, Mistfall as the firstborn son of Lord Gregor and Lady Elizabeth Musgrove. Ryon was a wild child as a young boy, always managing to get himself into trouble and mischief. After being threatened with Priest School at the age of 5, he promptly ended his mischievous ways to take tutelage under his father to learn the ways of being Lord.

At the age of 13, Ryon made his first trip to Great Lake with his father and the Mistfall Master of Coin, Cicero Vendicci. While there, Ryon was able to learn of the cultures of the rest of the world. While his father met with the other nobles of the Realm, Ryon snuck out of the Mistfall embassy to explore the other sectors of the city. It was there he was exposed to poverty and hunger for the first time. Ryon hurried his way back to the embassy where he ran into the Captain of the Alpha Ghard, the personal Guard of the King himself. Captain Ogder was the first non-human Ryon had met, as Ogder was an Orc from far to the north.

When Ryon turned 15, he made his second trip to Great Lake, where his father enrolled him in the Academy for Noble Children. It was there he met the other children of other Great Houses and Kingdoms. He studied at the academy until he was 16, when he returned home to Mistfall. At 16, Ryon squired to the most fearsome knight in all of Mistfall, Ser Fredrick Creed. Creed taught Ryon to wield a sword and properly use armor in battle. Most of what Ryon learned in the Academy was swept under the rug with Ser Fredrick's lessons.

Ryon ended his squiring when he reached 18 and was deemed a man grown. He continued to train with Fredrick, becoming a swordsman of immense skill. At the age of 19, Ryon had to step up as Lord of Mistfall while his father went off to join in the Nether War. Ryon's lordly training had helped him through the first four years of the war before Ironguard came under siege by the Nether forces. Ryon fought off the siege using knowledge of the land and battle tactics from previous Ironguard sieges. Lord Gregor's host flanked the Nether forces from the rear, breaking their ranks. House Musgrove proved victorious.

Lord Gregor fell ill to "The Wither", and was unable to lead his men in the final push against the Nether forces. Ryon took up his father's sword and led House Musgrove into the Nether. The Nether Fortress was stormed by House Musgrove with the other kingdoms fought the foot soldiers and the Wither King. Ryon proved victorious again, decimating the Nether Fortress.

Ryon was 25 at the end of the Nether War. The after effects have proved taxing to the young lord, as Ironguard and the other Mistfall cities were destroyed when the Wither King died. For the past 5 years, Ryon has dedicated all his time and efforts to the reconstruction of Ironguard and has eyes set on rebuilding Great Lake.

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